Are you still selling blank roll? Perhaps it’s time to evolve your POS roll!


start end mark thermal receipt roll

For starters, how about considering blank roll with Start and End Mark which yield the following benefits to dealers and end-users :

For Dealers:

   Cost-effective marketing tool to influence the chance of a future sale

You can customize the start and/or end mark to incorporate your own logo/tagline/ reorder information. Reordering information such as “Is this your last roll? For reordering, please call 03-458******  ” on the start and/or end mark provides a simple and effective way to keep your business visible to your customers, hence encouraging more repeat sales and in turn, increased profit. On the other hand, you can also include social media details such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp/Wechat, Youtube to make it easier for your customers to follow and connect you. A single, one-time magazine advertisement can cost thousands of dollars, whereas the ad printed on the start and/or end mark of your receipt only cost a fraction of a penny more than a blank roll, a relatively affordable marketing alternative to promote your business.

   Value-added to an otherwise typical blank roll

In the competitive thermal paper market, it is important to create your own unique identity in order to stand out from your competitors. By customising the start and/or end mark, this differentiates your paper roll from blank roll, thus providing you with a more competitive edge over other dealers and protects your market from competition.

For End-users:

   Indication of where to tear off & the loading position of the paper roll

The start mark serves as an indicator of the portion of the paper to tear off. This reduces paper wastage and prevents overpulling of paper. The start mark also enables the cashier to easily identify the side of the paper roll to be loaded into the printer and is especially advantageous during peak hours when cashiers need to quickly replace the finished roll to serve the next customer in the queue.


   Prevent damage to the print head 

With start mark, when the start mark portion is being torn off, the glue residue is simultaneously removed thus not in contact with the print head. On the other hand, there may still be glue residue attached to the blank roll after tearing off since there is no indication of the portion of paper to tear off, and the glue residue may cause damage to the print head over time.

   A form of stock control and monitoring system

With customised start mark, one can easily distinguish and identify their paper rolls compared to blank rolls without any pre-printing. For instance, certain franchisors regulate quality control by requiring their franchisees to purchase quality paper rolls from the franchisor as a form to ensure the franchisee is buying approved paper rolls. The start and end mark may also be effective to prevent internal pilferage. Take as an illustration, printing of the retail outlet logo at the start and end mark restricts staff from pilfering within and selling the paper rolls to third parties, since this will clearly reveal that the paper roll is for other’s use.