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Biggest Computer Form Manufacturer In ASEAN

Sonofax has been manufacturing computer forms since 1989. Operating from Malaysia, we’re well equipped to deliver locally and to the neighbouring ASEAN countries such as Singapore. Also known as continuous form, our computer form is cleaner compared to other manufacturers as we vacuum the paper dust and dirt. So you can be assured that your office environment will not be dusty. The forms were also designed to avoid paper jamming by providing a thicker paper with precise hole punching. The thicker paper also gives off a premium feel to the touch.


  • A blue image for NCR paper is available
  • 1st ply 80gsm available
  • Micro perforation for easy peeling
  • Clean cut side holes
  • Low paper dust
  • No jamming, very precise hole punching
  • No break-in pack
  • Dust/dirt removed for cleaner printer & office environment
  • Neat and clean crimping
  • Printout image is sharp & clear up to 7 ply

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