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Q-Matic Thermal Ticket

Q-Matic ticket is used as a queue management solution, where a ticket is issued to customers to show their number in the queue. Sonofax Q-Matic ticket printout is clear and also durable.



  • Made from thermal paper.
  • Weight range from 55 GSM to 60 GSM.
  • Thermal image colours come in blue and black.
  • Size availability: 62 mm x 124 m x 40 mm (2000 Pieces) OR 62 mm x 155 m x 40 mm (2500 Pieces)


  • Black sensor mark is accurately positioned.
  • Control and monitor stock via printout on the diameter of the roll such as company name, logo, contact number and more.
  • Low in dust as we vacuum before packing.
  • Clean die cut and perforation.
  • Good tension with no jamming and break in pack.
  • Economical.
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