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Boarding Pass

Boarding pass is more than just a ticket. It also set an impression to the traveller and set expectations of the service they might receive. The sensation the boarding pass gives is important to the branding of the airlines. Sonofax manufactures durable, beautiful and consistent in quality boarding pass.


  • Made from thermal paper.
  • Available with topcoat or non-topcoat.
  • Weight range from 126 GSM to 175 GSM.
  • Durable image printout.
  • Crisp and clear barcode printout.
  • High image density.
  • Good magnetic strip adhesion.
  • Suitable to be used on Data South, Fujitsu Frontech and IER.
  • Flexible wallet and magnetic strip options.



  • Low in dust as we vacuum before packing, prolonging printhead lifespan.
  • Smooth cut to assist the movement of the ticket inside the machine.
  • Up to 9 colours for attractive artwork.
  • Security features are available.
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