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Baggage Tag

Airline baggage tags require durability and resistance as they may need to endure the heat, humidity and possible scratches during their transit.  Its important for the image printout to be crisp and clear. Sonofax manufactures a highly durable and clear airline baggage tag, suitable for even a harsh environment.


  • Made from thermal paper.
  • Comes in topcoat or non-topcoat.
  • The adhesive is water-based.
  • Available in 2 or 3 layers.
  • Weight range from 142 GSM to 191 GSM.
  • Clean die cut and perforation.
  • Suitable with major printers.



  • Durable and clear barcode.
  • Durable image printout.
  • Easy to attach and strong, preventing easy tearing.
  • Resistant to scratch, humidity and heat.
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